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What should be paid attention to in the running in period of new excavator

What should be paid attention to in the running in period of...

The new excavator or the overhauled excavator must pass through a period of trial operation, usually called the walking time. The aim of the walking is to prevent the early wear of the excavator and prolong the life of the excavator. The following provisions must be strictly enforced in the period of the excavator's closing period:

(1) in the execution period, the excavator should hang the sign of "walking in period" at the obvious place, so that the relevant personnel can pay attention to the provisions of the period of application, and take it off after the expiration of the term.

(2) running in period 30% engine speed reducer, load 20%-30% operation, no person shall dismantle the engine speed limiting device to be sealed after the expiration of the right under the supervision of technical personnel can be removed.

(3) the throttle is strictly prohibited when the engine is started. The engine should be preheated for 20-50 seconds at low temperature start, and then start immediately. When the engine starts to run for 3-5 minutes at idle speed, the speed and load can be increased when the cooling water temperature rises to 40 degrees.

(4) the technical preparation before engine start, the technical requirements during operation, and the technical work before and after the fire are carried out according to the general mechanical operation rules or the requirements of engine operation instructions.

(5) the excavator should excavate the looser soil in the first 30 or 50 hours of the running period. The loading capacity is 1/2 per time, and the load can increase gradually within 70 or 50 hours later, but it should not exceed 3/4 of the bucket capacity and reduce operation speed appropriately.

(6) during the running period, we should pay attention to the operation of various excavators, check the working temperature of bearings, gears and friction pairs, and observe whether there is leakage in hydraulic system. The abnormal phenomena in the operation should be stopped immediately to check the causes and be excluded.

(7) the working conditions of the excavator should be checked, adjusted and lubricated according to the running condition of the closing period. At the same time, check the cleaning of the gear box lubricating oil and hydraulic oil tank, and replace it when necessary.

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